BitGym brings real runs, bikes and hikes from all over the world to people using exercise machines. You can see how the app works via a 30 second highlight reel here and you can watch a 3-minute showing off our filming & stabilization technology here

We’re looking to hire a videographer & editor to capture beautiful locations around the world. At this time we are specifically looking for someone to help us capture more of Australia.

As the videographer, you will plan what beautiful locations to film, travel there, and then quickly walk or jog through your chosen locations with a special easy-to-use hand-held camera that we will provide to you, along with training on how to film. As the editor, you will bring that footage together into the final package. Please see a 5 minute clip we filmed in New York here using our camera system. We also are starting to film water locations, in which case you might take the camera system into a kayak. Filming tours while bicycling is also an option.

You are:

  • At least familiar with videography and should have general comfort with technology, photography concepts, and a willingness to learn more.
  • Experienced with video editing tools such as Adobe Premier as well as concepts such as color correction, color grading and audio editing.
  • Comfortable enough with English to read this job description and communicate in writing (English fluency not required).
  • Someone with a good physical endurance or a willingness to train to get there.
  • Someone who has had a lot of outdoor adventures in your life and considers sharing adventures with other people around the world as exciting.
  • Someone who is observant, patient, and has a profound love of the outdoors.
  • Not bothered by tedious tasks. To get the best outcome you might find yourself filming the same place twice, carefully reviewing footage for mistakes, labeling footage in a clear and consistent manner, etc.
  • Self motivated, as you won’t have exact instructions from us. You should imagine it’s possible to get up at 4am so you can get to the ideal spot to film the sunrise in ideal conditions.

This can be a flexible freelance position. In this case, we want a minimum commitment of at least 20 work days over the first 6 months. You could work more than that, but it’s unlikely this will be a full time position given the limitations of weather and season affecting your ability to be in the field. This can also be a full time position for the right candidate.

Compensation includes competitive pay (per hour or day), plus reimbursement for travel expenses and lodging.

An example of a filming trip might look like this: You plan a trip to a mountain, which will require a trip by road, and lodging once there. You create a plan for three different areas to film, around and on the mountain itself. You then estimate what the trip will cost, and ask us for approval for the expenses. After approval, you travel there and film over several days. In your hotel room you might review the camera footage on a laptop, and use software tools we provide to stabilize and color correct the footage. Or you may return to your home and do that work later. When you’re back at a computer, your job will be to edit the footage together into a coherent and beautiful tour. This involves shot selection, ordering, correction, grading and audio processing. We find this part of the job takes several times longer than filming, although the more careful you are in the field the easier the work in the editing room is!

We think you will enjoy this role. It gives you a reason to travel and sightsee, and it will allow you to share beautiful facets of the world with people who do not have the time or means to travel there themselves.