About Active Theory Inc.

Humans thrive in motion, and increasingly we do it less. Technology is usually the cause but we also think it can be the solution. At ATI, we develop solutions to keep people moving. Our primary consumer product is BitGym, which is an app that transports people on their cardio machines to immersive locations all over the world. Our work here has led us to new frontiers in video stabilization, computer vision, novel encoding for immersive audio and video, and virtual reality.

About the Team
You would be joining a small team with with diverse experience in fitness, computer vision, storytelling, and game development. We’ve been fully remote since 2012 and our members come together to collaborate from all different timezones & countries (though our center of gravity is currently California). Many of us wear several hats, and we keep a relatively flat organizational & pay structure. Our members value teamwork, but are also comfortable working more autonomously.

Company site: www.activetheoryinc.com

Consumer product site: www.bitgym.com